Doug Bedell — April 8, 2022, 10:50 am

• Out and About Again – Vehicle Security Risks Rise

With vehicle traffic picking up after the peak of the pandemic, it’s worth considering the risks of being out among crowds again. Larry Anderson on “Sooner or later, crowded events will surge, as will the danger of injury or death from vehicle attacks.

“The threats of vehicular violence,” Anderson adds, “are still present even though collisions have become less frequent and traffic, in general, is at a significant low. Preparing for such instances remains a high priority, and institutions are seeking to take a preemptive stance to prevent major incidents before they happen.

“Even amid the pandemic, manufacturers of vehicle barriers have not seen a major impact on their sales. ‘Half of the battle against aggressors perpetrating a vehicle attack is pre-planning, says Greg Hamm,’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Delta Scientific. He says Delta is fortunate to have long-standing trust relationships with many agencies, built over the last 46 years.

“’We’re happy to see that demand for vehicle security barriers has not changed much – customers are preparing for the future when crowds will be present again, and probably larger than ever,’ adds Stuart Glen, National Sales Manager of Jackson’s Fencing. ‘Lots of councils are using the downtime to install or upgrade security around town and city centers, which is promising.’ Physical structures such as bollards, barriers, and barricades can stop a vehicle from entering a high-foot-traffic area. Temporary venues can deploy portable barriers.”

Anderson continues with reflections on the types of security protection well worth considering.

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