Doug Bedell — April 20, 2022, 1:06 pm

• Alternatives to Access Control for Schools

For educators and parents alike, here’s a guide to Access Control for Schools on the Nortech website.

“Deploying an access control system on the campus is often not the first form of access control that students and staff have come across in their daily lives. In fact, a lot of gyms use access control systems, which are typically the gates or barriers you will find in a 24-hour gym.

“When it comes to accommodation, access control technology is often used for halls of residence. A lot of students have used a type of access control without even knowing it, typically they will use key fob access control devices or smart cards which will digitally unlock and lock their doors.

“These are just two ways that access control can be used on a campus, there are a lot of different types of access control that can be used and installed within an educational environment.

Read on for a discussion of “How Access Control for Schools Works”.

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