Doug Bedell — April 22, 2022, 8:58 am

Who’s In Charge of Public Health Policies?

The Centers for Disease Control has been flummoxed by a ruling by a Trump-appointed federal judge that passengers on airplanes, trains and other public transportation don’t have to wear masks any longer. You’d think that’s the CDC’s responsibility.

In response, the US. Transportation Security Administration and the CDC “said that orders requiring masks on public transportation would no longer be enforced, although both agencies recommended their continued use”.

“The five largest U.S. carriers — American Airlines Group Inc., Alaska Air Group Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc., Southwest Airlines Co. and United Airlines Holdings Inc. — said they were dropping their mandates effective immediately. Use of masks will be optional for both passengers and staff, they said.”

It’s as though COVID has vanished, which, unfortunately, it hasn’t.

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