Doug Bedell — January 22, 2008, 9:20 am

Nation’s Ports Receive Renewed Federal Security Funding

The nation’s ports received another round of federal security-assistance funding after it looked for a while that they would be left high and dry in 2008.

In December, notes (referring to an Associated Press report at the time), White House budget documents indicated the Department of Homeland Security felt that federal security funding wasn’t being especially well-spent and that the highest risk needs had been attended to. Ports seemed missing from the 2008 spending agenda.

However, a $555 billion domestic spending bill just signed by President Bush includes the full $400 million originally proposed for the ports in the Security and Accountability for Every Port Act that was signed into law in October.

Exclusive of the new round of funding, the nation’s ports have received more than $630 million in federal security assistance funding since 9/11. But more remains to be accomplished in terms of port security. Port interests intend to seek shares of the new funding for such additions as screening machines, customs inspectors, radiation monitors, gates, fences and more.

We at PRO Barrier Engineering hope they will be considering our innovative line of quick-response access control barriers as ideally suited for controlling traffic into port areas.

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