Doug Bedell — May 17, 2011, 10:27 am

‘The Threat Remains’

In the aftermath of Osama Bin Laden’s death, it’s important to keep focused on the core reality of terrorism – it’s not a bungling movement, but a purposeful one that will be with us, or rather, against us, for a long time.

On Homeland Security Watch, Mike Walker, a veteran federal emergency manager, notes that “…we find ourselves at a crossroads. It is important to get the direction right, because the threat is not over.”

Some essential points are that “Al Qaeda has been led by a group of sophisticated, well educated, adaptive men who believe they are doing God’s work on earth,” and that “Since 9-11, AQ has become a networked, learning organization.”

“Following the trauma of losing their most revered leader,” Walker notes, “the terrorists…must now be concerned about continuing to lose relevance in the Muslim world. All these factors combine to make the next several months a very high threat period.”

And, he adds, it’s mistaken “to believe that the Federal government will disrupt every plot. To believe that would be folly. The Federal government I was honored to serve for 32 years does have substantial capability. But that capability is not enough to keep Main Street America safe from attack.”

Walker has more to say about the underlying causes of terrorism, and why, longer term, the security threat is likely to continue.

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