Doug Bedell — May 28, 2022, 2:41 pm

Hospitals Can Be Settings for Digital Intrusions

Hospitals might not be the healthiest places, digitally as well as medically speaking. Writing on Security Week, Marie Hattar notes that “Articles focused on cybersecurity threats facing the connected medical device market often cite a well-worn statistic: the average hospital bed in the United States has 10 to 15 internet-enabled devices that collect and transmit data.

“While this number is important, it only tells part of the larger story.

“For example, the type of data those devices collect continues to increase in importance and sensitivity. Yes, tools capture heart rate and blood pressure readings, but connected medical devices today also capture everything including a patient’s personally identifiable information…

“Each of these devices provides a potential entry point for hackers to jeopardize patient safety or compromise a healthcare organization’s back-end networks. Hackers can use these network connections to gain unauthorized access to the devices themselves, device monitoring systems and patient data.”

Marie provides examples of possible hacker attacks.

We keep getting more and more digitally entwined these days, even when it could be unhealthy.

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