Doug Bedell — June 10, 2022, 11:17 am

Security Risks Faced by Elderly People Online

Lyle Solomon on The Last Watchdog on Privacy & Security  discusses “The Top 5 online privacy and data security threats faced by the elderly.”

“Unlike many younger users online,” Solomon writes,  “they may have accumulated savings over their lives — and those nest eggs are a major target for hackers. Now add psychological variables to the mix of assets worth stealing.

“Perhaps,” he adds,  “elderly folks who haven’t spent a lot of time online are easier to deceive. And, let’s be honest, the deceptive writing phishing assaults and other cyber threats today employ are skilled enough to fool even the most trained, internet-savvy experts.”

Solomon goes on to discuss specific online threats in this helpful contribution of reflections for older computer users. A California lawyer, he works for the Oak View Law Group as a Principal Attorney.

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