Doug Bedell — June 10, 2022, 6:56 pm

Barriers Are For Stopping, Not Yielding

Barriers are for stopping, not evading. This thought came to mind in reading about a fairground in Gastonia, North Carolina, where  “a man drove (a  pickup truck) over a barrier and into the center of the fairgrounds… The driver of that truck, who police say was driving under the influence, still made it about half the distance of a football field before stopping just yards away from 9-year-old Dre McNeil.”

At PROBarrier Engineering, our PB-12 barrier was designed with a situation like that at the North Carolina fairground in mind. “It can be readily deployed to control vehicle traffic at street fairs, parades, construction sites, military bases, farmers markets, schools, and colleges – anywhere vehicle access control is considered necessary.

When stopping cars or trucks is the aim, a barrier’s design is all-important. It comes first,  and needs to be demonstrated.  “The PB-12 is engineered for a K4 (M30) rating. That rating translates to stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 30 miles per hour, or a 3,700-pound vehicle traveling over 60 mph.”

The truck at the Gastonia fairgrounds was going a lot slower than that.

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