Doug Bedell — June 24, 2022, 11:35 am

Cyberspace – A Stressful Place Indeed

The cybersecurity workforce is becoming stressed to the point of quitting, Claire Meyer reports on Today in Security.

“Ransomware. Nation-state attacks. Massive data breaches. The headlines are full of cybersecurity threats and incidents, and the persistent pace of attacks is driving “increasing and unsustainable stress levels” in the cybersecurity workforce, according to a report from cybersecurity company Deep Instinct…

“Remote work has made cybersecurity management even more challenging. Remote work leads to diminished oversight of devices and IT security practice compliance, according to ZDNet, and the Deep Instinct survey found that 52 percent of C-suite professionals said securing a remote workplace was their biggest cause of concern.

“Security operations teams are also juggling larger workloads and longer hours in the face of heightened cybersecurity threats. Of cyber professionals outside the C-suite, 47 percent told Deep Instinct that they felt pressured to stop every threat—despite acknowledging that this is impossible—and 43 percent said there was an expectation to be always on call or available.”

We’ve noted this before. Cyberspace is, clearly, a stressful place – too many attackers.

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