Doug Bedell — January 10, 2012, 11:33 am

What They’re Learning in Japan

Now there’s another disaster report, to accompany TMI, Bhopal, Deepwater Horizon, etc. A 507-page interim report on the Fukushima nuclear plant accident last march has been released, and anyone responsible for facility security should be delving into it.

Not that it contains that much that’s new, but because much of the “old stuff” about being realistic about risk, and preparing conscientiously in the face of risk, wasn’t learned in Japan beforehand.

“Even for an accident of low probabilities so long as extremely large scale damages are anticipated once it occurs…due consideration should be given to the risks involved and precautionary measures should be taken.

“It was a major shortcoming for the safety of both nuclear power plants and surrounding communities that a nuclear accident had not been assumed to occur as a complex disaster. Disaster prevention programs should be formulated by assuming complex disasters, which will be the major point in reviewing nuclear power plant safety for the future.”

Yes, plan by assuming the worst, and be ready for it. If it never comes, fine. But be ready anyway.

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