Doug Bedell — January 22, 2012, 9:22 am

Security Becoming a ‘First Choice’ Career

Security work is becoming more of a “first career” choice in contrast to being populated heavily by “former government agency and law enforcement officials,” according to Ray O’Hara, who just wound up a one-year term as president of ASIS International.

In an interview with Whit Richardson, managing editor of Security Director News, O’Hara, a former Los Angeles Police Department detective himself, agreed that a transition to security manning with “no law enforcement background” is well underway. “My sense is we’re well on the way to getting a stable of first-career professionals,” O’Hara said. “In fact, John Turey [director of security for ITT in White Plains, N.Y.], who joins the board in January 2012, has no law enforcement background. Security is his profession, so it’s kind of exciting to see that transition in action with measurable results.”

ASIS International represents more than 37,000 security professionals worldwide.

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