Doug Bedell — March 19, 2012, 11:00 am

U.S. Remains Ahead In The World

No, the U.S. isn’t in decline vs. China and other emerging nations. In case you’ve been fretting about the possibility of the U.S. being eclipsed, Homeland Security Watch seeks to provide reassurance, by quoting Michael Beckley in International Security:

“…The United States is not in decline;” Beckley writes. “In fact, it is now wealthier, more innovative, and more militarily powerful compared to China than it was in 1991. Moreover, globalization and hegemony do not erode U.S. power; they reinforce it. The United States derives competitive advantages from its hegemonic position, and globalization allows it to exploit these advantages, attracting economic activity and manipulating the international system to its benefit. The United States should therefore continue to prop up the global economy and maintain a robust diplomatic and military presence abroad.”

May Beckley’s views brighten your own security outlook.

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