Doug Bedell — March 8, 2006, 1:38 pm

Protecting Port Entrances

The furor over a Dubai-based trading company bidding to manage American ports should not obscure the need to protect port entry points whoever manages them.

About the time the ports controversy erupted in the U.S., an al-Qaeda memo surfaced on an Islamist website advising that it’s okay to attack tankers and other oil infrastructure operated by “infidels”, but not oil wells producing wealth for Muslim countries.

An attack on a strategic Saudi refinery was fended off by its guards at an outer security entrance. But most port facilities probably aren’t as elaborately protected by outer and inner access rings as was the Saudi refinery.

When would-be attackers approach a port entry gate, they should be confronted by an impassable obstacle triggered by guards. PRO Barrier’s Arrestor vehicle access control barrier is exactly such a device.

During normal operation, the Arrestor is down most of the time, without even a speed bump effect. But when needed, the agile barrier can spring into place with assured K12 stopping power. A vehicle challenging it would be destroyed.

Political controversy should not divert fundamentally important planning for protecing port and refinery entry points.

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