Doug Bedell — August 6, 2008, 8:19 am

Two Key Trends for Security Managers – On Guards and Convergence

We’ve been slow in noting it, but the June issue of Access Control & Security Systems has articles on the changing/emerging roles of security guards and dealing with senior management on the convergence of electronic systems, including security. Both seem required reading for security personnel trying to keep up with trends in the business.

For example, the role of security guards is expanding from patrolling and reporting to relating to sophisticated electronic systems – and to the upper managers who need to finance security’s piece of those systems.

“It is a challenge,” writes Paul C. Boucherle in “Getting Management on Board, “to guard against natural biases that may have built up over the years. We are in a new era called convergence when competitiors and enemies are now categorized as ‘frienemies.’ By its very nature, an integrated project team has members whose affiliations cut across organizational boundaries. ‘Turf’ can become an issue unless there is strong, effective senior management support and a shared vision.”

In other words, security work – as we’ve noted before – is becoming a lot more sophisticated than checking locks. It’s becoming a highly relational field in which human awareness, packaging and communication skills are vital. These two articles are good primers on the subject.

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