Doug Bedell — August 31, 2012, 9:35 am

PBE Barriers: A Growing Presence in the Capital Region

PRO Barrier Engineering’s presence in the Washington, D.C., area is growing, aided by recognition of both the utility and aesthetics of our anti-terrorism vehicle barriers by various end users and consultants. “Our commitment to providing quality products that are customer-driven has solidified our reputation,” says PBE’s president, Tom Potter.

Proof positive: PBE has recently received orders for several sites in and near Washington. Working in close cooperation with architects and consultants throughout the design process insures that the most advantageous barrier is chosen for a given site. Customers agree that PRO Barrier’s collaboration has helped them define their vehicle access requirements more clearly, and much earlier in the process – which ultimately saves time and money.

When the present orders are completed, PRO Barrier’s customers in the Washington area will have enhanced perimeter protection based on each of their unique design and control system parameters. Additional benefits of PRO Barrier’s customized solutions include: high stopping power; fast operating speed; improved aesthetics, and minimal maintenance.

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