Doug Bedell — September 9, 2012, 7:57 am

A Company of ‘Firsts’

PRO Barrier Engineering LLC is passionate about developing customized solutions to protect people and facilities. Rather than mimic the “standard” barrier with a massive steel structure that produces high impact forces, PRO Barrier was the first to develop a lightweight hybrid design offering greater flexibility, literally and figuratively, than  our competitors can match.

Using energy-absorbing synthetic bands and a patented anchoring system, this hybrid system reduces the peak forces during impact and dissipates the amount of energy transmitted to the foundation. PRO Barrier’s designs are ideal for applications where loading to the substructure is of concern, such as in parking garages, tunnels, or within a building’s envelope.

Always in the design forefront, our engineers developed several “firsts” in the industry: first portable barrier; first energy-absorbing beam barrier; first hybrid beam/wedge barrier; and first hybrid active/passive barrier. Additionally, we hold patents or have patents pending on related vehicle barrier solutions.

To learn more about how PRO Barrier Engineering can PROtect your worldTM, visit our Booth #2849 at the 2012 ASIS International Convention in Philadelphia, September 10-12, call us at(717) 944-6056, or log on to

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