Doug Bedell — October 3, 2012, 10:15 am

Tips For Insuring the Security of Perimeter Fencing

Vehicle access control barriers work, of course, only at vehicle entry points. There may be lengthy perimeters between vehicle entrances. How to insure they are secure?

Video is commonly used for surveilling perimeters. Security magazine suggests seven ways to make video viewing of perimeter fences as effective as possible. There’s a lot involved in enhancing the quality of perimeter video, as the Security tips indicat

Perimeter security viewing is only as good as the cameras being relied upon. The blog post immediately below this one – “B&W Parts Company with an Oak Ridge Security Contractor” – describes a nuclear facility break-in that was abetted by an inoperative video camera, one that had been broken for some time. Make sure your facility follows effective perimeter fencing monitoring techniques…and don’t postpone maintenance of security equipment!

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