Doug Bedell — May 23, 2006, 9:19 am

Safeguarding Stadiums

Security Management Weekly’s e-newsletter mused recently about the security anxieties of stadium and arena operators concerned about the safety of thousands of sports fans flocking to their seats.

Vigilance at the turnstiles is part of the answer to security at stadiums and arenas. Another big consideration is insuring that vehicles that could be transporting explosives or other weapons don’t get near the structures themselves. Vehicle barriers should be considered for access roads and tunnels into the venues.

What sort of barriers? Inobtrusive ones are best, but there aren’t many of those around. To avoid giving a stadium a fortress look, PRO Barrier’s Arrestor anti-terrorism barrier is ideal. The Arrestor is both agile in operation and earns cheers for its cleancut appearance. Instead of a massive steel beam, the Arrestor’s stopping power comes from energy absorbing bands in a lightweight steel housing. We can finish the barrier to match any structure’s color and texture. We could add a team’s logo or a photo of its mascot. The Arrestor gives the feeling that it belongs in a setting, not that it’s an intrusion to stop intruders.

For stadium operators, that’s a security triple play – agility, appearance and assured stopping power all in one design.

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