Doug Bedell — January 8, 2013, 12:13 pm

Social Media as a Security ‘Happenings’ Scan

Government Technology (GT) magazine explains how social media channels like Twitter/TweetDeck and paid variations can spot happenings and trends as they emerge. Consider this approach to looking out for what’s happening in your industry or business of responsibility.  Security has many variables these days.

Here’s how social media scanning works for an emergency services agency in Vancouver, Wash., “where planners use the Twitter app TweetDeck to follow conversations.”

“Most staff members in the agency,”  GT explains, “run two computer screens: one for daily work and one for watching tweets that are filtered according to relevant keywords and hashtags. ‘Anytime something begins to trend or starts getting popular, you’ll see the TweetDeck screen start moving a little bit faster and that will catch our eye. It may be an earthquake or maybe a celebrity has died,’ said Cheryl Bledsoe, emergency management division manager.”

Thus, the workings of a social media listening post. Feeling more secure yet?

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