Doug Bedell — January 28, 2013, 10:42 am

Violence is ‘Catching’; View Your Own Setting Accordingly

Indeed, consider your locale. Why? Because if you’re in a violence-prone neighborhood, your entrance security needs are likely to be greater than in a more tranquil setting. This may simply make intuitive good sense. But there’s academic support for the notion that violence is like a contagious disease.

Bruce Schneier writes: “Intuitively we understand that people surrounded by violence are more likely to be violent themselves. This isn’t just some nebulous phenomenon…,but a dynamic that can be rigorously quantified and understood.

“…Acts of violence,” Schneier explains, are the germs. Instead of wracking intgestines or lungs, they lodge in the brain. When people, in particular children and young adults whose brains are extremely plastic, repeatedly experience or witness violence, their neurological function is altered.”

Grimly fascinating findings, indeed.

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