Doug Bedell — July 28, 2006, 10:18 am

Placing Barrier Control Panels

A news story from the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant illustrates one of the pitfalls in desigining an integrated perimeter security system.

The Harrisburg Patriot-News reports that a former nuclear security director for the guard firm Wackenhut is suing Wackenhut and Exelon, TMI’s operator, alleging that he was fired for pushing too hard to resolve security issues.

One such issue was the placement of control panels for operating TMI’s vehicle access barriers. Officers allegedly had to turn their backs to vehicles to operate the barriers.

We at PRO Barrier Engineering don’t know the specifics of this situation. But visual operation of a barrier is essential for vehicle and guard safety. The placement of control panels should be part of an overall (systems) approach to perimeter security – our kind of planning.

PRO Barrier offers many mounting options (desk, wall, pedestal, wireless handheld, and more). The important thing is to give a guard the right tool to do his job correctly and safely. Taking a systems view of a security setting is essential.

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