Doug Bedell — July 10, 2013, 10:38 am

Might There Be an App for You?

Even for security needs, in this time of smart phones, there might well be an app for your corporate needs. That’s the insight we got in reading American City & County’s post “Smart cities use smart phones.”

There’s Boston, for instance, which has been “building a sense of community” with its app, Citizens Connect. Version one in 2009 allowed citizens to connect with city departments and version two allows them to interact with each other. “People now feel like they are helping. Now they are the ones cleaning up the streets, their community, their neighborhoods,” says Bill Oates, Boston’s chief information officer.

You might not want to turn your corporate security into a block party, but there could nonetheless be valid reasons for your organization to have it’s own app. A fourth version of Boston’s app “will streamline communication between municipal workers and residents through a feedback program called ‘Street Cred.’ Street Cred will give online rewards, similar to Facebook ‘Likes,’ to residents who report issues and workers who address them.”

Pretty neat. It’s worth thinking about what might be developed in your own potential app setting.

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