Doug Bedell — July 19, 2013, 12:01 pm

Background Reading on Securing Computer Networks

Regrettably, it’s becoming increasingly important for anybody operating a computer network to become mindful of the nature of the viruses and malware that can be inserted onto it. To that helpful end, Securosis is offering an updated paper on the subject: “Network-based Malware Detection 2.0: Assessing Scale, Accuracy and Deployment.”

“Compounding the changes in attack tactics and control effectiveness,” Securosis writes, “the competition for network-based malware protection has dramatically intensified, and every network security vendor either has introduced a network-based malware detection capability or will soon. This creates a confusing situation for security practitioners who mostly need to keep malware out of their networks, and are uninterested in vendor sniping and trash talking.”

So pull up a chair by your fireside and do some background reading, from Securosis or elsewhere.

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