Doug Bedell — October 8, 2013, 10:04 am

Security Pros’ Kinship With Hackers

Here’s a short, engaging essay on Network Security Blog by “Martin,” who is evidently a security professional writing about what it takes to be good at his trade. Even, or maybe especially, hackers warrant his admiration, “as a subgroup of who tends to embrace the chaos more than the more corporate professional.” In other words, security professionals are a savvy bunch, especially aware of the world’s workings and hazards. We’ve got to be ahead of someone else’s ill designs.

Martin groups security professionals with “hackers of the reality around us” because he needs to be given an objective – say, insuring a secure building – “and let me figure out how to do it best.” Martin reports on how he and a group of colleagues enjoying a lunch break at a conference in Las Vegas this summer hacked one of the iPads a waitress gave them with the menu selections and produced another restaurant’s menu! Thus, you have to be sharp to be in security, capable of walking in an opponent’s shoes.

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