Doug Bedell — December 27, 2013, 11:14 am

The Pentagon’s New ‘Hear-It-All’ Radio Gear

Wow! The Pentagon isn’t missing much, if anything, on its new radio compatibility gear. Supposedly, advises Danger Room, DRAPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, has “cracked the radio incompatibility problem once and for all.” Just hope a commercial version of the new MAINGATE gear arrives on the security scene sooner than later.

“The system,” Danger Room advises, “relies on two technologies to provide an interoperable network for connecting forces. A high capacity Wireless IP Network (WIPN) radio provides a “terrestrial ‘Everything over IP’ backbone” with enough capacity to simultaneously support many channels of voice, video and data. The second is MAINGATE’s Interoperability Gateway, which provides interconnectivity for otherwise incompatible communications equipment. According to Raytheon, MAINGATE provides 10 megabits per second to a network of as many as 128 nodes that could include drones, ships, bases and vehicles on the ground.”

Anybody left out? Not likely.

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