Doug Bedell — April 14, 2014, 1:14 pm

The Essential Security Setting: ‘Always On’

Security vigilance comes in one setting only – always on. That’s brought home by a pdf post from Domestic Security News noting the reality of differing arrival rates for vehicles at entry gates. On two occasions during “routine” morning delivery hours at a “sensitive public location” there was an 18 percent difference in unfamiliar vehicles entering.

“Sometimes,” the post observes, “we narrowly focus on a perceived threat we learned from training as well as news stories, such as the stereotypical vehicle bomb inside the Ryder or U-Haul rental truck, and we forget it is possible to load explosives into a vehicle other than what we see on television, such as the local UPS truck or daily dry cleaning van that we see everyday.”

UPS won’t like that reference, any more than your local dry cleaner will. But the reality is that threats can arrive by familiar means. Vigilance is unforgiving in that regard; “always on” is indeed the proper setting.

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