Doug Bedell — February 3, 2009, 10:55 am

2008’s ‘Top 10’ Security Mileposts

Before 2008 fades much further behind us, it’s well to focus a bit on what an expert observer sees as the past year’s Top 10 Security Industry Issues and Trends. ¬†Geoff Kohl, editor of, prepared the Top 10 list to help us recognize where we’ve been so we can move on more effectively.¬†

Kohl’s list includes: 10. The Mumbai terror attacks, 9. Pirates, 8. the presidential election, 7. the rise of the new H.264 data compression standard, 6. ESX (the Electronic Security Expo) launched, 5. AMPS sunset (analog cellular technology turned off), 4. new entrants to the Surveillance market (Samsung Techwin, iSentry, BRWS Labs, TimeSight Systems and others), 3. Mergers and acquisitions (Hirsch and SCM, Tyco and IntelliVid, Bosch and Extreme CCTV and others), 2. IP video strandards for networked video surveillance solutions, and 1. The Economy – “The recession has definitely affected companies in the industry, which were forced to lay off workers. Others saw the flow of security projects through the business pipeline slow down….”

It’s pretty clear that 2009 calls for focus on first things first, like perimeter and access security.

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