Doug Bedell — June 24, 2014, 10:16 am

DHS’ 2014 Quadrennial Security Report Gets a Rave Review

It’s a government report, and how gripping can that be? Plenty, Christopher Bellavita, of Homeland Security Watch, says of the Department of Homeland Security’s Second Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, just issued. After three hours, he was only at page 68 of the 103-page report.

“It’s not that I’m an especially slow reader,” Bellavita says of the report. “I think it’s because the 2014 QHSR is an important and exceptional document.” Bellavita feels it invites dialogue with everyone in the homeland security field. “In my still forming opinion, this QHSR invites a move into Homeland Security 3.0. It offers a strategic intent – and the evidence to support it – that is compelling and, in a 21st century way, visionary.”

Check out what got at least one reviewer so engaged in a government report.

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