Doug Bedell — July 21, 2014, 10:43 am

At Many Organizations, Cyber Guard Remains Lax


Tech people in organizations feeding into Information Week’s Dark Reading blog think their CEOs aren’t any too swift at appreciating what it takes to manage cyber security risks effectively.

Citing last year’s hacker attack on Target,  a post notes that, “In the Dark Reading community, according to the results of our latest pool, members…show a stunning lack of confidence in their chief executives’ ability to marshal the talent, financial resources, skills and training to defend their companies from a similar attack.” Only 16 percent of 750 respondents give their CEOs an “A” for making cyber risk management a top priority. Twenty-six percent see organizations moving in the right direction, but lacking critical tools.

And 40 percent say companies are barely meeting cyber security standards or “‘flying blind’ with security teams who lack the latest technology and training.”

Get on board CEOs, this is important stuff, and is becomingly increasingly so.

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