Doug Bedell — September 5, 2014, 11:06 am

Our Vulnerable World’s Not a ‘PlayStation’


A barrier world friend of ours thinks¬†there’s “Sure a lot of doom and gloom” in our posts and suggests, “Every now and then post a cute kitty photo for a little psychic relief.” ¬†Well, there aren’t enough kitties to ward off the gloom when you see a post reporting that “Sony’s PlayStation Network was disabled by an online attack…”

“What often surfaces from the Internet’s underbelly,” says Yuri Kageyama of the Associated Press on In Homeland Security, “are acts that verge on pranks, and the culprits who get caught are the amateurs, such as a teenager in the Netherlands who tweeted a threat to an airline, saying she was part of al-Qaida and was planning to do ‘something really big.'” Sadly, there are those with bigger aims and capacities who may not get caught, at least in time.

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