Doug Bedell — September 29, 2014, 10:22 am

Electric Utilities Experiencing a ‘Watershed Year’ for Security


U.S. electric utilities are becoming more realistic about risks to the nation’s power grid from cyber attacks – hackers turning off the lights and much else – Security magazine reports.  “From a cyber-attack perspective,” it notes, “this year has been a watershed year for the electric and critical infrastructure industry.

“After generally resisting the notion of vulnerabilities because of the stated traditional controls of ‘air gaps’ between the internet and power generation equipment and heavy use of ‘proprietary SCADA IP protocols,’  Security reports, “the industry has finally had to acknowledge the increased threats and risks to normal service delivery.”

And that’s a good thing, says Carl Herberger, writer of the post. There are cyber threats to any industry these days, he notes. “However, I believe that the power generation industry in particular needs to rise above the normal corporate culture of security controls and become obsessive about removing risks and compulsive about action…”

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