Doug Bedell — March 3, 2009, 1:44 pm

‘Investigation Mangers’ Becoming Necessary

Here’s a new job title that is becoming increasingly germane in larger organizations – especially those based on special skills and intellectual property – in a global economy: Domestic Investigation Manager.

What’s he or she do? SecurityInfoWatch discusses the role of managers who are retained to insure that sticky situations don’t get stickier when it comes to ferreting out or confirming violations of corporate security.

“The Manager, Domestic Investigation within a corporate security group,” InfoUpdate advises, “holds an increasingly significant and important role within the organization. Given the rapidly evolving threats to corporate products, financial and intellectual assets by insiders, vendors and organized groups, this role has increasingly become a critical function. Investigations can be disruptive, costly, time consuming and damaging to the reputation of the organization.”

An Investigation Manager works with senior management to insure the effectiveness of investigative operations. Those are situations that go beyond “simply” being watchful, the traditional security focus.

InfoWatch lists a job description and educational requirements for a post that is becoming more germane in a complex, interconnected business environment.

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