Doug Bedell — November 23, 2015, 9:31 am

U.S. Security Officials Explain Vetting of Syrian Refugees

Obama Administration officials are trying hard to allay security concerns about Syrian refugees being admitted to the U.S. Government Security News advises that “Senior administration officials spoke by phone today (Sunday, Nov. 22) with state and local law enforcement representatives from across the country to provide information on the U.S.’s stringent refugee admissions policies and security screening measures.”

With all the concern about admitting displaced Syrians to the U.S., it’s worth remembering that refugees have contributed much to our country’s development. Macworld notes, for instance, that Steve Jobs’ biological father, still living, “was a political migrant from the Syrian city of Homs…” And the Apple that Steve Jobs founded is now the world’s largest corporation by market capitalization, $710 billion or so.

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