Doug Bedell — June 4, 2009, 12:03 pm

School Security Systems Require Selling

Security poroviders – especially those involved with perimeter security – have an opportunity and challenge to explain the availability and benefit of given security solutions to school administrators.

SecurityInfoWatch notes that, while school districts are reporting increasing security breaches (both IT and physical – IT mainly from inside and physical from outside school buildings), school district budget administrators need selling on given security approaches.

Patrick Fiel, ADT’s public safety advisor for education, puts it this way: “So, I think (schools have) got to put security to the forefront, balance security with education and then take it to the superintendent and to the school board  and say ‘Hey, these breaches of security are very expensive and by putting in the solutions we’re recommending, we could reduce our costs considerably and save the school money down the road.’”

Wth 67 percent of CDW’s participating school districts reporting physical security breaches, the benefit of controls that would. for instance, direct vehicles through barrier-protected entrances becomes worth hearing about. Head back to campus, and explain your wares, what they can do for anxious administrators and board members.

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