Doug Bedell — June 8, 2009, 9:10 am

IT ‘Convergence’ Working Against Security’s Identity

Here’s a lengthy post full of insights into how the security and IT functions are merging at companies large and not so large. “Convergence” is the increasingly familiar term.

Based on questionnaire responses from 100 companies, the report – generated by Security Management – has lots of aspects and is worth culling for your own interests. In short, though, the pressure is growing on security to survive as a distinct profession.

What especially caught our eye came at the end – a projection of what the world may be like in 2020: “By 2020, many of the things we take for granted will be extinct, such as print newspapers, iPods, most desk-top computers, supermarket check-out lines, car keys, and a legion of other obsolete technologies. The security industry must do whatever it takes to ensure that its profession doesn’t become aged and unfit. The comet is approaching, but there’s time to deflect it.”

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