Doug Bedell — March 30, 2016, 12:29 pm

Security Isn’t for ‘Cleaning’ But for Protection

Ray Bernard on Security InfoWatch is a stickler for using terms correctly, as one should be.

The security industry, Bernard notes, “is composed of manufacturers and service providers whose purpose is to provide products and services that help an organization’s security stakeholders accomplish the job of protecting the assets in their charge.”

“The security profession” he continues, “consists of security executives, managers, supervisors and their staff — the people within the organization who are charged with the protection of assets against security risks.”

The reason for such clarity, Bernard explains, is that a while back, say in 2004, a security manager or director was “somewhere between cleaners and facilities maintainance.” But now, that’s not it – our times have gotten more hazardous and, the distinctions Bernard is making are becoming clearer. Hopefully, anyway.

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