Doug Bedell — April 4, 2016, 11:28 am

Employee Awareness An Asset In Site Security

Turning to employees and encouraging their input on security concerns can help strengthen a site’s safety. Keen observations on employee input come in this Security magazine post from a hospital setting. But they apply to employee awareness generally.

Tim Portale, Chief Safety and Security Office of HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) observes that HCA ” ‘really communicates to our employees that we value their safety and want to provide a safe workplace, but that we needed their help in mitigating risks in the work environment. They know that we will support them in the event that an incident occurs. The impact of this is that they report a lot more, and they feel confident that they can make a difference by reporting incidents or near-misses.’ The organization has since gone to bat for healthcare professionals in state legislatures, helping to pass laws in some states that would make it a felony to assault a healthcare worker.”

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