Doug Bedell — April 20, 2016, 2:15 pm

Maintaining Electronic Security – “A Lot Like Having Kids”

Protecting computer-based data and the security systems – physical as well as electronic – that it supports “is a lot like having kids,” says Hans Holmer of the Security Industry Association (SIA). Really?

Yes, indeed. “You child-proofed your home before your child was born, and you probably still worry for your kid(s) even now when they are bringing up their kids.” Probably, in other words, we’re never completely secure. But if we keep the need unfailingly in mind, we’ll be more secure. Which is the point of it all. And, of course, check out SIA’s PDF document “Beginners Guide to Product and System Hardening,” which lists the “top 10 causes of cybersecurity failure in systems.”

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