Doug Bedell — May 2, 2016, 4:01 pm

PRO-Gate Provides Routine Access at Public Settings

PRO Barrier Engineering is extending its vehicle access control product line. The company has supplemented its array of barriers for blocking hostile vehicle entries (anti-terrorism barriers) with a new line of beams and gates, dubbed PRO-Gate. The PRO-Gate barriers are for blocking roads and controlling routine vehicle entries at airports, stadiums, parking facilities, office complexes, military bases, toll roads, and other public settings.

There are three PRO-Gate configurations: a vertical lift fence, a vertical lift beam (photo above), and a unique-to-the-industry vertical lift beam that can withstand repeated vehicle impacts without damage to either the barrier or the impacting vehicles (photo below). It accomplishes this by pivoting (swiveling) away from the impact.

Like all of PRO Barrier’s vehicle access control products, the PRO-Gate line features a robust design with minimal moving parts and high reliability. The PRO-Gate barriers are available in a range of open/close speeds, materials of construction, motor powers, and in widths for blocking one or two traffic lanes.

Further information on the PRO-Gate vehicle barriers can be obtained by contacting PRO Barrier Engineering at 717-944-6056, at, or by visiting

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