Doug Bedell — June 19, 2009, 9:12 am

Pointers for Corporate Flu Readiness provides these 10 readiness pointers for Swine Flu in the workplace:

1. Define reliable information sources to monitor for situational awareness on the influenza outbreak.

2. Top management documents a set of guiding principles that outline commitments the firm will make to protect employees and ensure duty of care; types of preparedness measures the firm will create and maintain; the budget available for planning, and individuals responsible for implementing these programs.

3. Maintain a robust Crisis Management and Communications program to enable executives to make key decisions on a timely basis and communicate messages to both internal and external stakeholders.

4. Maintain a Business Continuity program that documents key products and services that will receive prioritized attention during a time of reduced staff availability.

5. Implement a robust employee health program to guide ‘safe workplace’ protocols, such as facility access, social distancing and surface cleaning.

6. Document Human Resources provisions that outline actions employees should take if they become ill and how to handle sick leave and family care issues.

7. Strategies for remote work and connectivity backed up by actual IT capabilities in terms of VPN bandwidth and hardware availability.

8. Prepare guidance for expatriate employees and travelers.

9. Discuss the firm’s pandemic preparedness efforts with key vendors, suppliers and other business partners.

10. Determine the firm’s position on the procurement and stockpiling of both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical protective measures. (Antiviral stockpiles make more sense for certain types of businesses and less for others.)

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