Doug Bedell — June 2, 2016, 2:46 pm

Delete Your Info When You’re No Longer Active on an Internet Site

In Homeland Security offers an ever-timely reminder for Internet users, especially those with real-life security concerns (just about everybody). “Delete the online accounts you don’t use anymore – right now,” is its highly pertinent urging.

Why? Well, for example, as many as 360 million MySpace accounts (remember that service?) were offered “for sale” recently on the Web.”The massive leak includes passwords, email addresses and usernames that were swiped from MySpace in a hack dating back to June 2013, before MySpace made a site redesign that closed some security gaps.”

You just never know who’ll be attentive to detail, or not, on sites where you were once active and provided personal information. So, keep a record when you do, and take that information down, or ask to have it taken down, when you do. Sage advice!

The Internet isn’t just for surfing – it calls for for record-keeping, too.

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