Doug Bedell — June 27, 2016, 12:07 pm

‘Brexit’ Has Cybersecurity Implications As Well

Road sign BREXIT
Wouldn’t you know that, among many other ramifications, the British vote to leave the European Common Market will likely have cybersecurity ones as well. Not immediately, because the Brexit process is expected to take two years, but an information security impact nonetheless.

The Security Ledger blog is starting to wrestle with the cyber side of Britain “going it alone” again. It’s not very far along in that process as yet, but appears to be a good listening post on the matter.

“Needless to say,” says the Ledger blog, “the implications for ‘cyber’ are hardly at the top of most pundits’ list of talking points.” Truly, but trying to sort them out are important for the future. The Ledger appears to be a good reference point.

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