Doug Bedell — July 20, 2016, 3:36 pm

Attend to Hatred, Which Motivates Terrorists

There is a line in Arthur Miller’s play, “Death of a Salesman,” his wife’s despairing tribute to Willy Loman, the defeated salesman: “Attention must be paid…” it cries out. Yes, attention must be paid to a lot of horrendous things these days, not least the promptings of terrorists. SecurityInfoWatch has a post along these lines that we ought to heed.

“If there is one constant playing out in the recent terror attacks in Europe and the U.S. it is that terrorism can occur by inspiration and imitation alone, not by direction,” InfoWatch notes. “Hatred is the key motivational factor and it is too often passed off as ideology.” Sadly, terrorists and many others are victims of a primal emotion, hatred. It can be a key element in security challenges. Be on the watch for it.

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