Doug Bedell — August 4, 2009, 1:52 pm

Disasters Are Predictable, Though Not As To Date

Here’s a blog you should know about – Eric Holdeman’s “Disaster Zone – Emergency Management in the Blogosphere.”

Not because it’s a security blog, as such, but because preparedness for, and appropriate response to, disasters is a further dimension of security.

For example, Holdeman’s post “Disasters are Predictable Surprises” makes the point that disasters like wildfires in the Pacific Northwest’s “dry season” (August and September) can be predicted, though not with exactitude of date – and therefore ought to be prepared for. (One former fire chief in Bellevue, Wa., used to “staff up” when late summer temperatures started rising.)

And that’s the way it is with security. At some point, who can say when, security will likely be tested, so it’s best to be alert and prepared, with the help of people like Eric Holdeman. And equipment like PRO Barrier Engineering’s top-of-the-line vehicle access control barriers.

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