Doug Bedell — October 3, 2016, 6:33 pm

Employees May Not Feel Well-Trained for Emergencies When Employers Think They Are

Polling has its limits in accurate findings, but it’s worth considering the difference between workers and managers/supervisors on how ready employees are to handle an emergency.

Government Security News advises that, “according to a National Safety Council poll, 34 percent of workers in the United States do not feel well trained in emergency practices, including evacuation. The finding reveals a disconnect between workers’ perceptions and those of their employers. Seventy-five percent of managers and supervisors say their employees are well trained to handle an emergency.”

“In light of the findings,” the report continues, “the National Safety Council is calling for all employers to review emergency processes and procedures, particularly as Emergency Preparedness Month draws to a close.”

We’d think so.

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