Doug Bedell — October 31, 2016, 3:40 pm

Norfolk Southern Provides a ‘Safety Train’ on Its Rails

Credit the Norfolk Southern railroad for coming up with a training program to protect the security of the communities its trains pass through. When trains carrying hazardous materials derail, it’s vital for local first responders to know how to respond effectively.

Thus, Norfolk Southern’s “safety train” has been traveling its routes to introduce first responders and local government representatives on how to counter such an emergency.

“‘The safety train is a mobile technical training center – a vocational school – for the continuing education of first responders and representatives of government agencies who support Norfolk Southern’s commitment to incident-free handling of hazardous materials,’ said David Schoendorfer, Norfolk Southern’s system manager hazardous materials. “It’s a whistle-stop train that helps keep our communities safe.'”

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