Doug Bedell — August 24, 2009, 8:51 am

Surveillance is Stunning, but Security Begins at Perimeter Entryways

Here’s a forecast that the market for surveillance systems – principally video security technology – will reach $41 billion by 2014. That’s an astounding tribute to the growing effectiveness of video and analytics software. Monitors don’t have to keep their eyes glued to grainy screens any longer.

Progress though this definitely is, there’s a critical need to remember: keeping bad guys off the premises in the first place. Much of video monitoring involves stores, public buildings and streets, and this caution doesn’t apply in such settings. But defending the perimeter of stand-alone facilities with designated entry points is the beginning of effective security.

PRO Barrier is proud to have its vehicle access control barriers right at the start of effective security for facilities that need to protect their entryways. Contact us for options to consider.

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