Doug Bedell — December 9, 2016, 3:41 pm

Business Security Starts at the Top – With the CEO and Board

On Security InfoWatch, Brian Stafford joins the discussion on closing the web security gap: Sounds good, but “While the idea of a sound security culture sounds promising, it can be extremely daunting to effectively implement and enforce. Part of the challenge involves achieving consistency across organizations and individual business lines.”

Does that mean the scammers are likely to win? Not necessarily. “As companies determine the security posture and culture that work best within their unique corporate environments,” Infowatch continues, “there’s one thing that most can agree on: the tone must be set by those at the highest levels of the organization, including the C-suite, board members, and directors. Not only must these individuals be involved with the creation of the actual information security policies/procedures, they must also follow these guidelines to a T, serving as an example for all others in the organization.”

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