Doug Bedell — August 7, 2017, 12:19 pm

Applying Heavyweight Thinking to Lighten a Marine’s Pack

PRO Barrier Engineering is an innovative company and we look with regard on ingenuity wherever it’s applied – as in this means of reducing the pack weights Marines have to carry on their backs.

DefenseTech reports on the outcome of the Marines’ 2016 Innovation Challenge (enterprising in itself), in which Staff Sgt. Alex Long has been credited with developing logistics reforms that likely can reduce the pack weight (up to 100 pounds) that Marines have to carry by a third.

Sgt. Long’s innovation, dubbed the Personal Combat Assistant and Reporting Device (PCARD), is a suite of smart products, including a device that’s about the size of a smartwatch. Instead of trying to make gear weigh less, Sgt. Long is “leveraging technology to improve resupply.” Read the DefenseTech post for more on his inspired (we won’t say heavyweight) thinking.

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