Doug Bedell — August 10, 2017, 1:58 pm

Suppose a Security Emergency Hits, Say, Your Mall…

When there’s a security-related issue at hand, whether it involves theft, intrusion or, indeed, weather itself, the people at risk need to know about it.

So, as an example in an educational setting, Caroline Hamilton advises about “Planning and Implementing a Campus Mass Notification System,” on the Security InfoWatch blog.

“Every organization,” Ms. Hamilton writes, “should have a mass notification system in place. Whether the organization is a hospital, a college or university, a business, a retail store, a mall, or a medical clinic, this piece (a notification system) should be a critical element of your organization’s emergency plan.”

So next time you’re walking through your favorite mall, ask yourself, or better yet, ask the mall operator, what would happen if an emergency should occur, like now… Ms. Hamilton offers some guidance about what should be foremost in terms of response.

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